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Over a Million Are Denied Bank Accounts For Past Errors - 7/30/2013
Stigma Without the Filing! Banking on the Street is Costly.

The Last Days of Big Law - 7/23/2013
Good riddance!

FASB Proposes Improvements to Financial Reporting of Going Concern Uncertainties - 06/26/2013
BIG NEWS in a boring package! Implications for new ZOI (Zone of Insolvency) calculations and covenant breaches come next year.

Biggest Banks' Wind-Down Plans Seen Failing to Cut Risks - 6/26/2013
U.S. regulators say the biggest banks still have not provided adequate plans to safely wind down in bankruptcy...

Orchard Supply files for bankruptcy, Lowe's steps in - 6/17/2013
Sears Spinoff files for Chapter 11 - Lowe's to pick up the pieces.

The Next Chapter - Vol. 1, Issue 1 - 5/2013
Love anything that starts with "Volume 1, Issue 1" especially from such a good group as Gavin/Solmonese. Here it is.

Hidden Closely Held Corporation Issues: Majority Shareholders' Fiduciary to Minority Shareholders - 5/30/2013
Nice write-up on majority/minority shareholder disputes in closely held companies by a great local law firm for closely held family businesses.

How Millennials Leaving Their Parents' Basements Could Save the Economy - 10/24/2012
Good housing numbers today and the market is up - so here is a re-post of a great article from The Atlantic on milestone recovery.

U.S. Steel layoffs coming to Lorain
One day after Republic Steel announced plans to layoff around 200 workers at its Lorain plant, neighboring U.S. Steel confirmed they will idle operations at its plant...

Republic Steel to lay off 200 employees
Video from wkyc.

The Examiners: Practical Impairment Leads to Chapter 11 - 06/26/2013
This is a soft point to which one should pay attention. Great article by a super smart friend.

Sears sold its last asset that had any real value.
The retailer received $2.7 billion in a sale of 235 Sears and Kmart locations to Seritage, a newly public REIT, but those were its last assets of any real value.

CJN’s Free Digital Archives
This is an amazing tool. Use the broadest search then narrow down within your search.

Market Intelligence Desk - Equity Market Insight
Critical touch-points for timely trading analysis and market information.

Where are the jobs?
Useful map for finding job concentrations by geographical location based upon 2010 census numbers.

Mt. Gox was Bitcoin's ugliest success story
The bitcoin exchange is bankrupt and its founder is in jail. What did it mean?

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