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The cost of living in troubled times.
The world is experiencing a financial turnaround unprecedented in our lifetime. As the economy regains strength, it is vital that organizations do not make the same mistakes or lose sight of opportunities to reduce costs and readjust pricing. Not understanding your baseline—your true costs—affects every sale and the critical business decisions you make each day. We must all now focus on building our businesses upon a baseline of strength. Otherwise, your perseverance through the economic storm was for naught!

Two By Foresight provides initial feedback on the financial and operational challenges and opportunities you now face.  We will work with you and ask the hard questions in order to identify critical challenges in your business model, pricing, debt levels, sales and market footprint.

Following our initial meeting we will determine whether and to what extent our services may be useful (or not) and provide services in conjunction with your existing advisors and Two By Foresight professionals.

Each business is different, each industry is different, each problem is unique.  Two By Foresight offers various types and levels of services to address your needs.   Our goal is to work with your existing staff and provide a service that meets your needs and budget.  Let our seasoned advisors help you achieve a corporate renewal, recover from loss and regain operational health by constructing a recovery strategy that establishes a new baseline for your company, upon which you may begin to rebuild.

What Sets us Apart from your Accountant or General Lawyer?

The distressed-services market can be difficult to navigate and choosing a service provider with the right fit can itself prove to be a stressful and expensive process.

Every organization or industry possesses its own unique set of challenges; when difficulties arise, it is often difficult to diagnose their origin and proper treatment.  Furthermore, oftentimes what is needed is a blend of services—some of which are discrete—some more broad-based and comprehensive.

That's where we come in.

Two By Foresight will work with you to pinpoint your organization's problems and provide guidance on coordinating services within the distressed-services marketplace to ensure you find the solutions that will get you back on your path to recovery.

Each issue represents a unique opportunity for renewed success. Let us help you implement the solutions and strategies that will enable you to stay financially solid and operationally efficient.

The light is coming.   Contact Us today.

About Us

Two By Foresight is comprised of the nation's leading professionals in corporate renewal and turnaround management whose aim is to help distressed companies rediscover their corporate value. Let us help you construct and implement a recovery strategy for your business or organization today.

Location Old Brick Freight House
2769 Commercial Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

(216) 574-9050

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